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Foundations of Structural Integration

January 30 - March 2, 2017
June 5 - July 6, 2017
Crestone, CO

Basic Training
March 20 - May 10, 2017
Denver, CO
October 2 - November 11, 2017
Crestone, CO

Continuing Education

Advanced Training
Summer 2018
Denver, CO

4-Handed Workshop
July 16 - 22, 2017
Crestone, CO

Scoliosis Workshop
March 10 - 12, 2017
Denver, CO

Advanced Concepts
in Structural Integration

May 19 - 21, 2017
Toronto, ON

Pre & Perinatal Education

Intro to PPE
February 3 - 16, 2017
June 19 - 22, 2017
Crestone, CO

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David Davis and Buddy Frank have been practicing Structural Integration for over 50 years combined and bring a depth of experience and a dedication to the craft of SI. CCSI is located in Crestone, Colorado, a powerful natural and spiritual environment in southern Colorado.

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Buddy Frank holding a baby's head.

Freeing the Core: An Introduction to Pre & Perinatal Education

February 13 - 16, 2017
Crestone, CO

June 19 - 22, 2017
Crestone, CO

As an SI practitioner, I'm always searching for ways to access and resolve the deepest holding patterns within myself and my clients. From my experience, Pre & Perinatal Education work is a method for accessing and liberating the deepest layers of holding in our structure.

Buddy Frank rolfs a young baby.

Pre & Perinatal Education (PPE) is a paradigm for understanding ourselves and our clients in a profound way. Each of us as a human being has gone through an embodiment journey – from being discarnate to incarnate, from being a single celled entity to becoming a living, breathing human being. During our embodiment journey, seminal patterns are established in utero and during birth, fundamentally shaping our physical/psycho-emotional/energetic/spirit being. These patterns become templates for relationships of all kinds, and literally shape our experience of life. They manifest in our body as nodal points of inertia or pain, in our psyche as neurotic relationships with ourselves and others, and in our spirit as the illusion of separateness from the divine.

The PPE process investigates the biology of embodiment – from being sperm and egg cells, to conception, implantation, embryonic growth, fetal gestation, and birth. This perspective becomes the foundation for our personal exploration, where we discover how we negotiated the various stages of our embodiment. We become aware of how our experience of embodiment led to the formation of our patterns-of-self, and recognize how these patterns have shaped who we understand ourselves to be. The PPE process then offers a pathway for relaxing the grip around our embodied patterns, to resolve the shock that is the “glue” which keeps these patterns in place, and to re-pattern our experience of being in the world.

Our theme in this introductory course will be the four stages of birth, each of which is demarcated by specific somatic postures/positions and movements that babies transition through during birth. Through our in-class exploration, you will learn to recognize these patterns in your self, and most importantly, in your clients. Patterns you have long seen in people’s bodies are revealed to be the deeply embedded fixations arising from specific stages of birth, most often from where difficulty and trauma was encountered. As a practitioner, being able to hold a compassionate awareness of the original context of a structural pattern offers the basis for facilitating the resolution of these patterns within the context of the Ten Series, or post-Ten/advanced work.

As therapists, we can only take our clients as far as we ourselves have gone. The PPE work eliminates blind spots in our consciousness, allowing for greater awareness and deeper perception of ourselves and our clients. This awareness and perception informs all our session work, providing a safe container for the client's experience, wherever it might go. This course offers you the chance to do important and crucial personal work that walks hand-in-hand with discovering our true Self.

We look forward to sharing this adventure with you in Crestone.

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