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January 30 - March 2, 2017
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May 19 - 21, 2017
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Intro to PPE
February 3 - 16, 2017
June 19 - 22, 2017
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David Davis and Buddy Frank have been practicing Structural Integration for over 50 years combined and bring a depth of experience and a dedication to the craft of SI. CCSI is located in Crestone, Colorado, a powerful natural and spiritual environment in southern Colorado.

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Structural Integration and the Ten Series

Structural Integration

The human life is an amalgamation of “random” patterns, which (arguably) start at conception, continue through embryonic and fetal development, and get crystallized through the birth process. From there, we are inculturated into our gender, family, social, and community patterns, and then continue to create patterns around our activities and sports, as well as all of the accidents, illnesses, injuries, shock and trauma that we sustain through life. All of these things create patterns in our connective tissue, and give us the shape that we perceive as ourselves. As we age, we contract around these patterns, creating all of the typical signs of aging.

This is the experience of the vast majority of the population. It seems normal, but only because we see so many people experiencing life like this. We suggest that this is actually the average way to experience life and that there is a much more “normal” way. Instead of organizing around all of the random events of life, we organize around a central vertical axis - one that runs perpendicular to the planet, and runs through every single person. As we become organized around this “Line, ” we become buoyant in the gravitational field, and begin to feel light, spacious, and free. We move with more grace and ease, have more vitality and energy, breathe easier, and all of the aches and pains of a lifetime naturally dissolve.

The Ten-Series

The Ten-Series is a sequence of ideas/goals/intentions that we use to facilitate moving from random organization to organization around The Line. The Ten-Series is taught as the way to initiate people into SI, and, post Ten-Series, as the backbone for deepening the SI work.

The Ten-Series acts as a container for the process of transformation that every person goes through when they get the work. Before Structural Integration, we can be compared to seeds, waiting for the right conditions to sprout and grow into the unique flower that we are. The Ten-Series gives general guidelines as to how the growth process can unfold, but because every person is unique, and needs their particular amount of water, sunlight and soil nutrients, no two sessions are ever the same.

Through the repeated application of the Ten-Series, an energetic coherence unfolds within the practitioner, leading to a continuous refinement of balance and integration with the planet and its fields of energies.


We typically understand fascia from an anatomical reference point. Fascia is anatomical, but also much, much more. It holds the living energy of who we are as humans. Without living energy we are a cadaver.

The best way to understand fascia is to perceive it as the Living Connective Tissue Matrix. At the micro level, every cell in our body has a latticework, which holds the cell together. This latticework is made up of collagen fiber, which is the building block of all fascia in the body. At a macro level, every muscle fiber, tendon, ligament, bone, organ, nerve, blood and lymph vessel – everything is encased and ensheathed by the fascia. And this fascia is unbroken, creating a continuous web that acts as a liquid crystal matrix, where communication happens almost instantaneously.

Current Acupuncture research shows that the living energy, or Chi, flows through the fascia, and it is precisely this living energy that we work with in SI.

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